The Commitment towards Green Growth of The Indian Ocean Islands

24 - 26 June 2014

La Réunion Island hosted the International Climate Energy Conference, and launched a plan of action to reinforce the capabilities of Indian Ocean Islands in their transition towards green growth. Attendees included Nicolas Hulot, French President’s Special Envoy for the Protection of the Planet; Nico Barito, Seychelles President’s Special Envoy for ASEAN & R20 Director for ASEAN; Francois Fortier, UN Office for Sustainable Development; Jeffrey Skeer, IRENA; actress Melanie Laurent; and film director Cyril Dion.

On this occasion, Mr. Didier Robert, President of La Réunion region launched a new R20 Indian Ocean Renewables Hub, in partnership with The Climate Group and nrg4SD, to serve as a regional centre for innovative clean tech research and development in the region. The R20 Hub will also provide support for green start-ups, organize training sessions focused on renewable and energy efficiency, conduct pre-feasibility studies for the Regional Council of La Réunion and other Indian Ocean countries, and search for potential private investors.

The Hub is especially aimed at effecting real progress towards meeting the emission reduction targets that the 2013 memorandum and the Indian Ocean Islands want to attain. In December 2014, the official (legal) opening of the R20 Indian Ocean Renewables Hub was approved.

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